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by Warren Shibles

Illustrations, cartoons and poetry by the author

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A. Introduction

B. Analysis of Humor by Means of Any Concept

C. Uses and Techniques of Humor

1. Uses

2. Communication Techniques

3. Physical Benefit

4. Techniques of Humor

D. Antonyms and Synonyms

E. Humor in the Various Disciplines

F. Summary

G. Philosophical Counseling

CHAPTER I. Introduction

A. A Casual Introductory Analysis of Humor

B. Types of Humor: Fly in Soup Jokes by Type

C. Ways to Create Humor

D. Humor Used to Give Us Knowledge and Insight: An Analysis of Mind

E. Mind Jokes by Type: How to Joke Yourself Out of Your Mind

CHAPTER II. Theories of Emotion, Thought, and Language

A. Introduction

B. An Analysis of Emotion

Cartoons About Emotion

C. Analysis of "Thought"

D. Emotion and Ethical Terms

Cartoons About Ethics

E. Models for Defining "Thought" and Language

F. An Analysis of "Meaning"

CHAPTER III. Can Humor be Defined?

A. Humor Cannot Be Defined

B. Humor Can Be Defined: Basic Definition

C. Seriousness, the Grotesque, and Humor

D. Circular Definitions of Humor

E. Myth of A Sense of Humor

CHAPTER IV. How Can Humor Be Classified? Typology

A. Metaphor and Humor

B. Classification of Humor

C. Good and Bad Humor

D. Metahumor

CHAPTER V. Uses of Humor and Speech Acts

A. Introduction

B. Speech Acts as Use

C. Use of Humor as a Method of Inquiry: Rational Humor

D. Use of Humor to Avoid Frustration

E. Use of Humor as Escape or Avoidance

F. Humor Used to Bring About Change

G. Humor as Therapy: Therapeutic Humor and Philosophical Practice

1. Therapeutic Metaphor

2. Paradoxical Intention

3. Provocative Therapy

4. Reasons for Using Humor in Therapy

5. Additional Related Humor Techniques

H. Personality Revealed by Humor

CHAPTER VI. Joie de Vivre

CHAPTER VIIa. An Analysis and Examples of the Types of Humor

Accident Humor

Aesthetic Humor

Allegorical Humor

Ambiguity and Puns

Analogy [See Simile and Analogy]

Behavioral Humor

A. Introduction

B. Behavioral Humor by Type

Caricature Humor


A. General Examples

B. New Yorker Cartoons

C. Analysis of the Cartoons of Gary Larson by Type

D. Analysis of the Cartoons of Abner Dean by Type

Circularity Humor


Conceit Humor

Connotation Humor

A. Introduction

B. An Association Theory of Meaning

C. Connotations of Typefaces

Context Deviation

CHAPTER VIIb. An Analysis and Examples of the Types of Humor

Contradiction Humor

A. Type I: Analytic

B. Type II: Incongruity and Inconsistency

C. Type III: Synthetic Contradiction or Contradiction of Experience

Defense Mechanism Humor: Psychiatric Logic

A. Introduction

B. Types of Defense Mechanism Humor

l. Acting-Out Humor

2. Compensation

3. Conversion

4. Denial

5. Depersonalization

6. Displacement

7. Escape

8. Fixation

9. Identification

10. Intellectualization

11. Introjection

12. Metaphorization

13. Projection

14. Rationalization

15. Reaction-Formation

16. Regression

17. Repression

18. Sublimation

19. Superiority

20. Symbolization

21. Transference

22. Wish Fulfillment

Deviation Humor

A. Deviation from Desires

B. Deviation from Familiar

C. Deviation from the Ideal

D. Deviation from Language

1. Grammar

2. Style

3. Pronunciation

a. Valuation of Dialects

b. Examples: Deviation from Pronunciation

1. Cognates

2. Deviation from One's Language

3. Other Language Comparisons

4. Onomatopoeia

5. Creation of Purposive Distortion

6. Rhyme

E. Deviation from the Practical

F. Deviation from Purpose

G. Deviation from Rules or Standards

1. You Can't Get There from Here

2. Rules of the House

H. Deviation from the Usual

1. Deviation from Truth: Lies and Obvious Lies

a. Lying Humor by Classified Type

b. Liar Paradox

2. Defeated Expectation and Surprise Humor

a. Yellow Ribbon Story

b. Unexpected Honesty

c. Anti-Humor Humor (Defeated Humor)

I. Deviation from Usual Role

Escape or Release Humor

A. Avoidance of Truth

B. Escape from Painful Situations

C. Escape from Fearful or Negative Emotions

D. Escape from Reason or Impasse of Thought

E. Humor Allows Us to Say What Could Not Otherwise Be Said

Exaggeration Humor

Expansion of Metaphor Humor

False Blame

False Reason

False Statement

Free Association Humor

Hopelessness Humor

Hypocrisy Exposed Humor


Impossible Humor

Improbable Humor

CHAPTER VIIc. An Analysis and Examples of the Types of Humor

Insight Humor: Rational or Philosophical Humor

A. Introduction

B. The Metaphorical Method

C. Exploring a Concept or Action by Means of Using Each Type of Humor

1. Introduction. Time in Alice

2. Insight Jokes About Time by Type

3. Cartoons About Time

4. Insight Humor: Space

5. Insight Humor: Utilitarianism

6. Insight Characterizations of Philosophers

Irony Humor

A. Standard Irony

B. Cosmic Irony

C. Dramatic Irony

D. Socratic Irony

Juxtaposition Humor

Logical Fallacy Humor

1. Introduction

.2. Abstractionism Humor

3. Fallacy of Accent

4. Ad Hominem Fallacy

5. "All" Statements, or "None" Statements

6. Fallacy of Anger

7. False Authority

8. Beg the Question

9. Changing the Topic

10. Dogma

11. Either-Or Fallacy

12. False Assumption

13. Genetic Fallacy

14. False Cause Fallacy

15. Faulty Question Fallacy

16. Fallacy of Force

17. Fallacy of Hasty Generalization

18. Argument from Ignorance

19. Ignoratio Elenchi

20. Fallacy of Irrelevance

21. Fallacy of Majority

22. Many-Question Fallacy

23. Miss the Point Fallacy

24. Appeal to Pity

25. Refusal to Discuss

26. You-Also Fallacy

Take Metaphors Literally Humor

Metaphor Humor

Mimicry Humor

Misclassification Humor

Mistake Humor

Name-Calling Humor

Nonsense Humor

Obviousness Humor

Paradox Humor

Perceptual Humor

A. Introduction

B. Humor in Music and Lyrics

C. Imagery Humor

D. Perceptual Humor by Type

E. Perceptual Humor Cartoons

CHAPTER VIId. An Analysis and Examples of the Types of Humor

Personification Humor

A. What is Personification Humor?

B. Shaggy Dog Stories. Introduction

C. Shaggy Dog Stories by Type

Practical Joke

Pretense Humor

Reduction to Absurdity Humor

Reversal or Inversion Humor

Rhetoric (As Types of Humor)

A. Introduction

B. Rhetorical Terms Serving as Source for Humor

Riddle: The Humor of Questions (Erotetic Logic)

A. Introduction

B. Types of Questions and Answers

C. What Questions Ask For or Express

D. Misuse of Questions: Context Mistakes

E. Meaningless Questions

F. Presuppositions of Questions

G. Riddles: Examples by Type


Satire: Humorous and Hostile Criticism

A. Jntroduction

B. Examples

C. Light Bulb Jokes (Satire)

Self-Deprecation (Self-Attack Humor)

Self-Referential Humor

Simile and Analogy Humor

Sinking Humor

Stereotype Humor

A. Repetition or Habitual Behavior

B. Fixed and Rigid Ideas or Behavior

Substitution Humor

A. General Examples

B. Antiproverbs

C. Substitution Humor Poetry



Understatement Humor/Euphemism

Uselessness Humor

Value Deviation Humor

A. An Analysis of Value Deviation Humor

B. Forbidden-Value Terms as Humor

C. Black Humor

1. Introduction

2. Definitions

3. Critique of the Literature on Black Humor

4. Cognitive-Emotive Theory of Positive vs Negative Humor

5. The Metaphoric of Black Humor

6. Metaphorical Deviation for its Own Sake

7. Uses and Types of Black Humor

8. Is Black Humor Bad? Enjoying the Horrible

9. Ranges of Humor Chart

10. Black Humor Illustrated by Type

D. Vice (Blatant)

CHAPTER VIII. Theories of Humor

A. Introduction

On Definitions

B. Theories of Humor by Theory

1. Cognitive Theories

2. Conative Theories

3. Affective Theories

4. Instinct Theories

a. as unlearned behavior

b. as unalterable behavior

c. as hereditary behavior

d. as behavior not involving reason

e. as behavior attempting to remove tension

f. as unconscious behavior

5. Humor as Based on Emotion

6. Humor as Based on Physiology

7. Arousal Theories of Humor

8. Configuration or Gestalt Theory

9. Humor as Based on the Irrational

10. Circular Theories of Humor

11. Stimulus-Response or Learning Theories of Humor

12. Theories For or Against Humor

a. Anti-Humor

b. Pro Humor

13. Aristotle's Theories of Humor

14. Freudian Theory of Humor

15. Linguistic Theories of Humor

a. Review of Salvatore Attardo, Linguistic Theories of Humor

1. Deviation from Proper Language Humor

2. Meaningless Meaning

3. Humor Produced by Mistakes Regarding Ethical Terms

4. Metaphor-to-Myth Fallacy Humor

5. Circular Insight Humor

6. Fallacious Definitions of Humor

7. A War: Phonology vs. Phonetics?

8. Adequacy or Holism vs. "Trivial Details"

b. Review of Neal Norrick, Conversational Joking

1. The Conversation Model: Levels and Stereotypy

2. Theories of Emotion and Humor

3. Conversational Phonetics

4. Summary

16. Theories of Humor Exemplified by Type

CHAPTER IX. Feminist, Antipatriarchal and Women's Studies Theories of Anger and Humor

A. Antipatriarchy: The Basic Model of Feminism and Women's Studies

1. Introduction

2. The Prevalent Definition of Patriarchy

3. Patriarchy is a Myth: Critique of the Term "Patriarchy"

4. Woman's Studies is Antipatriarchal Feminism

5. Emotional Dysfunction and Emotional Abuse

6. Anti Reason (Irrationality Power)

7. Indoctrination by Antipatriarchal Feminism

8. Self-Victimization as Essential to Antipatriarchal Feminism (Moan Mentality)

9. The Creation of a Feminist Metaphoric (See Analysis Below)

10. Negativism of Antipatriarchal Feminism

11. Sexual Harassment and Antipatriarchal Feminism (Double-Bind)

12 Self-Seeking Separatism of Antipatriarchal Feminism

13. Replace Present Society with a Woman's Society (Gynocracy)

14. Summary of Antipatriarchal Feminism Model

B. Humanist Feminists

C. Antipatriarchal Feminism, Women's Studies on Anger

D. Antipatriarchal Feminism, Women's Studies on Humor

1. Defense of Women as Having Humor

2. Antipatriarchal Theory of Humor

3. Women's Special Female Form of ?Humor?

4. Antipatriarchal Feminist Use of Humor as Protest

5. Antipatriarchal Feminist Use of Humor as Power

6. Anti-Male Humor and Humor Denial

7. Humanistic Humor Instead of Antipatriarchal Humor

E. A Humorous Metaphoric: M/F Modeling in Feminism

1. Introduction

2. M/F Models

3. Summary

F. Satire and Insight Humor About Antipatriarchal Feminists: Light Bulb Jokes.

G. Humor Regarding Antipatriarchal Feminism (By Type of Humor)

H. Bibliography of Feminist Humor

CHAPTER Xa. Insight Humor Illustrated

A. Introduction. Insight Humor: Humor about Religion

B. Humor About Religion by Type

1. Cartoons About Religion

2. Religion Humor Bibliography

C. Insight Humor Against War

1. Essential Prerequisites before Going to War

2. Bibliography of War

3. Comments on the Gulf War

4. Comments on the Falklands War

5. General Comments

6. Geneva Convention

7. War Humor by Type of Humor


D. Methods Used in Ordinary-Language Philosophy: Wittgenstein, Zen, and Humor


E. Review of John A. Paulos, I Think, Therefore I Laugh: An Alternative Approach To



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